Strapping and Casting

Fibreglass Casting
Fibreglass casting is an alternate option to plaster of Paris for setting fractures. Unlike plaster of Paris, fibreglass is a light weight, waterproof and stronger material. The use of fibreglass will allow the stabilisation of the fracture to minimise impact on normal daily activities through pain reduction.

Application of fibreglass casts is performed within Adaptive Physiotherapy by experienced staff members. The cast sets relatively quickly allowing clients to leave the clinic knowing their fracture is protected.

Rocktape is a widely used product within the sporting community to enhance performance through the reduction of pain and support of a particular body part whilst maintaining full range of motion. The tape is elastic (stretching up to 180%) with a hypoallergenic glue base making it suitable for those allergic to rigid sports tape. Reduction of pain is achieved through deloading neurovascular structures beneath the skin.

Application is performed within Adaptive Physiotherapy, with client education to allow individual taping at home. Available in a range of colours and patterns, Rocktape is available for purchase from Adaptive Physiotherapy as advised by your physiotherapist.

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